About Cowboy Action Shooting

The following is stolen directly from the OSASF website as they put this far better than I ever could……

If you love Old West history or Western movies, whether it’s the modern ones or the old black & white ones, or are of an age that you remember all those Western TV shows this is your chance to live out your fantasies by becoming a Cowboy Action Shooter. As one of our Pards, Bad Penny, says “You’re never too old to have a happy childhood.” and Cowboy Action Shooters around the World prove him right every weekend.

Fantasy Shooting Sport

Cowboy action shooting is a fantasy shooting sport using firearms of the Old West to shoot an array of metal targets with real ammunition while being timed. Shooters are required to dress in Old West type clothes which can be as simple as jeans, a western shirt, boots and a cowboy hat or it could be as elaborate as you want. The dressing up is a big part of the sport and adds immensely to the fun atmosphere of the matches.

Old West Alias

You will also assume an Old West alias which may represent an historic person or a movie hero or just a character from your own imagination. Your Cowboy identity or alias may depict civil war or military personnel, cowboys, miners, railroaders, good guys or bad, dance hall ladies and/or other female roles of the era. Your alias becomes such a part of your Cowboy action shooting that most fellow shooters don’t even know each other by their “street names”.

Shooting Categories

Cowboy Action Shooting has a large number of categories that allow you to compete with people your own age, shooting style and type of firearms. The atmosphere at a Cowboy match is first and foremost one of safety, the fact that we are handling real firearms with real ammunition is never forgotten. The second most important thing at a match is fun. The people that participate in CAS are there to enjoy the fellowship of other shooters and have a lot of laughs. You are there to compete but no one takes the competition seriously enough to spoil a good time for themselves or anybody else.

Family Fun

Cowboy action shooting is a sport that the whole family can enjoy together, every member of your family will be treated with respect and as an equal. They will also find a category that will allow them to compete with people of their own age and gender. Spouses and youngsters are encouraged to shoot and when they do, they are usually surprised how good they are and how often they beat some of the more experienced shooters. Youngsters often gain confidence quickly as they learn safe, responsible handling of firearms, become an equal among people of all ages and join in the fun.

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